Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies into your business can unlock its full potential and lead to improved efficiency and innovation. By embracing these cutting-edge technologies, your business can stay ahead of the curve, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth of quality for digital transformation. The implementation of AI and ML can bring a new level of intelligence and agility to your operations, streamlining processes and freeing up time and resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

They trust us:

Collaborate with top-tier talent in
artificial intelligence development, R&D, and consulting

We conduct thorough evaluations of skills, culture, and references to
identify the perfect AI development and consulting specialists for your projects.

Pablo, Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer

Outstanding experience leading an R&D team of six experts, with extensive knowledge in AI technologies and a proven track record in driving innovation within the field. Recognized for exceptional leadership and strategic thinking, this individual is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology. As a Chief Technology Officer, they have demonstrated their value as an indispensable asset to the industry, guiding their organization toward the forefront of technological advancement.
Isabelle, Independent HR Manager

Independent HR Manager

At our organization, we believe that while AI is a powerful tool, it is ultimately the human element that lies at the heart of our success. We are committed to fostering a supportive environment that prioritizes the well-being of our team members and promotes a high quality of work-life balance. By placing special emphasis on our people, we ensure that their unique expertise and talents drive innovation within the company. Our Human Resources department is dedicated to nurturing this culture of care and collaboration, enabling us to maintain our industry-leading position while keeping our employees engaged and satisfied.
Frank, Researcher & Full Stack Developper

Researcher & Full Stack Developper

An accomplished researcher with a distinguished history of working with cutting-edge AI technologies and an expertise in advanced mathematics. Possessing a wealth of knowledge, Frank consistently drives innovation and contributes significantly to the field. Renowned for his analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and strong mathematical background, he plays a crucial role in the organization, pushing the boundaries of technology and helping to guide the team towards the forefront of industry advancements


The only custom software outsourcing
company you'll ever need.

Hire top-notch engineers in only days. 7x faster than hiring
full-time employees. Infinitely more flexibility.

End-to-end assistance

We assemble teams of seasoned experts for your most urgent product needs. In the process, we pay close attention to the stage of your product and recommend you the best skills, technologies, and flows to help you ship your new feature as planned.

Accelerated development

We help you stick to your roadmap with a talent matrix based on seniority and flow. By forming a small feature team, we can provide you with a focused effort to build features in parallel to your existing team's work.

Full control

You have full control on how you want to manage the team. We only make sure it’s the right one. As the project unfolds, we take in your feedback and align with your needs. If you need to scale up or down, we offer flexible engagements from hourly to full time.


We make hiring fast and easy

Tell us what you need

Share your business landscape with us, and our consultants will contact you to better understand your goals, the technical requirements, and the team dynamics you need.

Drive results together

We offer a smooth framework for handling contracts, billing and payment. This way you can start working with your new team members right off and speed up your project.

Full control

You have full control on how you want to manage the team. We only make sure it’s the right one. As the project unfolds, we take in your feedback and align with your needs. If you need to scale up or down, we offer flexible engagements from hourly to full time.


Why companies succeed with us

Solid skill vetting

We certify the skills of our talent through end-to-end assessment. Even though 60% of our candidates come highly recommended, we double-check people’s education, validate their experience and evaluate their skillset. We also set them up for success with extensive learning courses on technologies, ways of working, product, and design.

Culture & personality match

We take extra steps in helping you build the right dynamic. We know high-performance teams need trust and communication to move fast. That’s why we dive into your company culture and do 1:1 interviews to confirm compatibility. It’s how we make sure the candidates we recommend can easily integrate, collaborate and deliver as soon as they join your team.

Swift collaboration

We ramp up your team and stay close to you all the way. To help you start fast and focus on your project, we relieve the weight of contracts, billing, and payment through a smooth framework. To help you succeed, we set you up with a dedicated consultant team, ready to accommodate your needs and keep you up-to-date.


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