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CircleGPT is an AI chatbot specifically designed for WhatsApp. Its main goal is to assist in the efficient management of BNI (Business Network International) groups. Its current capabilities include creating and participating in BNI groups, updating service information for users, and searching for contacts offering a specific service within the BNI network.

CircleGPT initially uses Langchain to integrate language models with the application’s Python backend, facilitating the implementation of the bot. Next, OpenAI’s GPT-3 model is used as one of the most advanced language models available today. Additionally, CircleGPT utilizes an internal PostgreSQL database to store and manage information about BNI groups and users’ service semantic vectors.

Next Steps:
CircleGPT has several planned enhancements for the near future. One of them is to integrate semantic search with a purely optimized vector database to improve the search for services within the BNI network. This will provide more accurate and relevant search results. Furthermore, work is underway to allow users to submit images of the product they want and obtain successful search results based on these images.