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Optimize your processes by integrating ChatGPT and AI.

NataSquad audits your processes and the way your employees work to implement ChatGPT and AI tools in appropriate areas of your company.

How do we work??




Why ?

Through an audit of your processes and tasks performed by your employees, NataSquad can suggest the appropriate AI tools and ChatGPT advice to use to achieve significant productivity gains. More than just general advice, we will delve into the specifics of AI use cases that best fit your business.

Our Principles


We implement processes that enable your employees to be more productive.


We are committed to not overhauling your entire IT system and to offering cost-effective services.

Data Control

The recommended tools respect your data and can be used securely.

Our Methodology

NataSquad guides your teams to understand in detail and helps them use AI in the most suitable processes.

Interviews with the leaders and employees of your company to help us understand who your customers, suppliers, and processes are. To discover how your organization is structured and how daily tasks operate.

Presentation of the initial report and refinement of our strategy based on the identified needs.

Initial information meeting with the management to provide our initial impressions and clarify the next steps of the mission.

In-depth analysis of the results to select the most effective AI tools.

Deliverables prepared to present specific solutions to leaders and teams to improve their daily operations.

The opportunity to benefit from our AI training programs to strengthen your team.

Ongoing guidance and support in the implementation and adaptation to new systems and in the use of our recommendations.

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