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The Holy Bible

“The Bible” is a multilingual website designed for people of all ages seeking a deeper understanding of the sacred scriptures. This site offers illustrated summaries of the Bible in several sizes, allowing users to customize their reading experience based on the time they wish to devote. Additionally, it features a unique functionality: an interactive chat with an AI named GodGPT, which answers all questions related to the Christian faith. This site stands out for its customization for different age groups and the translation of all its content into a wide range of languages.

The AI technologies used include Midjourney for generating images from text, OpenAI with Python for obtaining summaries in different languages, and GodGPT, the chatbot, which uses a customization of ChatGPT with LangChain.

Currently, the project is under development. Explore the Bible in an accessible, personalized, and multilingual manner with “The Bible”!

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